Cut to Lenght Coils


Cut to lenght Coils / Cold Rolled Steel Plates / Sheet Metals

Process of materials in quality and size requested by our customers:

- Always from 1st Quality Sheet Coils

- By our expert, more than 35 years experienced slitting operators   

- Each of our products is delivered to our customers with chemical and physical test certificates.

If our customers demand, subcontracting is also done.


Production Flow

Raw Material: Cold Drawn Coil Sheet
Raw Material: Cold Drawn Coil Sheet

"Cold Rolled Coils" are used as the main raw material for the cut to lenght process.

Coil details

Production - Cut to Lenght
Production - Cut to Lenght

The sheet are cut into desired lenghts and widths with clean and burr-free edges in our lenght cutting line.

Proper Package
Proper Package

Sheets that are cut to length are arranged properly and strapped and prepared for shipment.

Our Capacity


Cut to Lenght Capacity

  20 Tone
Coil inside diameter
 400 mm - 508 mm
0,30 mm - 3,00 mm
150 mm - 2000 mm
600 mm - 3000 mm