Flat Wire


Cold Rolled Flat Wire

We produce from wire rod by cold rolling method.

The most important feature of this production is that it is produced as seamless (weldless) high tonnage coils.

Compared with slitted steel ​​coils, it increases our customers' production efficiency.


The following details come to the fore in our flat wire production.

- High quality raw material

- Roll coil production up to 2000 kg without welding

- Special edge forms and production dimensions according to customer demand

- Mechanical test values ​​as demanded from our customers

- Production according to EN10139 standards 


Production Flow

Raw Material: Wire rod
Raw Material: Wire rod

High-quality; low, medium or high carbon wire rods are used as the main material.

Upon request, special quality wire rods can also be used.

Production - Cold Rolling
Production - Cold Rolling

Production is made with our multiple cold rolling heads that integrated with automation systems.

Surface Quality
Surface Quality

Cold rolled flat wire products are made brighter with our cleaning systems.

Oscilatted Coils
Oscilatted Coils

With our special oscilating technology, continuous (multiple) windings are made without welding.


The products packaged and made ready for shipment due to the demands of our customers.



Product Types

As standard, we produce the following edge forms to our customers.

As requested, special edge form demands are also evaluated.


Production Dimensions

  • Oscilated coils or Cut to lenght production can be made.
  • Thickness tolerances +/-0,03mm
  • Width tolerances +/-0,05mm
  • More precise tolerances can be produced on demand.

Size range of our cold rolled flat wire is below.


Coil dimensions and weights can be arranged with the following values.

Coil dimensions

Inner diameter (A)
400 / 450 / 500 mm
Outside diameter(B)
750 mm - 1250 mm
200 mm - 450 mm
750 kg - 2000 kg



Quality / Grade

According to tensile strengths, production can be made in 3 different quality.

         A Quality 390 - 590 N/mm²
         B Quality 590 - 690 N/mm²
         C Quality 690 - 790 N/mm²


"A quality" materials are applied hardness removal in our bell type annealing furnace. Certificates indicating chemical and physical values ​​are issued for each material after production.


Usage Area

Our products produced using latest technology, is preferred by manufacturers in Turkey and European markets. Some of the main sectors our products used such as window mechanisms, white goods, automotive, furniture, grill manutacters.